The Road to Accomplishing Your Goals
IMAGE VIA RAW PIXELS by Tamika Burgess In high school teachers were always stressing the importance
Learning to Have Female Friendships
IMAGE: CREATEHERSTOCK by Tamika Burgess “I can’t trust a woman that doesn’t have close female
The Power of a Praying Mother
PHOTO: LONDON SCOUT/UNSPLASH by Tamika Burgess “I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always
Get Rid of Anything Stagnant in Your Life, Friends Included
IMAGE: CREATEHERSTOCK by Tamika Burgess “Ask God to remove those who hinder you,” is a statement I
Letting Go of Society's Expectations
by Tamika Burgess “What would people think? Would they assume I was lonely and had no friends
Is Your Circle a Reflection of You? The Power of Your Circle
IMAGE: CREATEHERSTOCK by Tamika Burgess "Spend time with people who are heading in the same
Accepting Help Doesn’t Take Away Your Independence
the door on a helping hand. - Tamika Burgess image via CreateHER Stock
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