Jamaica Social Investment Fund - Entrepreneurial Grant

Jamaica Social Investment Fund - Entrepreneurial Grant


Application Deadline: April 30, 2018

Open to Jamaican Applicants | Apply online via the official website

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ICDP Business Grants Program Guidelines

Helping passionate, innovative small businesses realize their dreams and reach new markets is the primary aim of the ICDP micro and small business grants program. The program provides financial assistance to support innovative and market-ready products and services that will create employment and income generation Start-ups and established businesses from any sector are welcome to apply as long as you have a great idea and a sound business proposal.

Grant categories

  • Start-up
  • Business expansion
  • Capacity development for existing business

Eligibility Checklist

Before you continue, please complete the checklist to determine whether your business is a good candidate for a small business grant. Applicants who do not meet the requirements or do not provide the relevant documentation will not be considered.

  •  Are you operating a business or have an innovative business idea within the eighteen ICDP Communities and Mount Salem.
  • Are you a micro or small enterprise ( Sales less 1.5 million for micro, and up to 75 million for small)
  • Are you a registered business
  • Is your proposal genuinely innovative, creative and does it demonstrate a strong point of difference?
  • Do you hold the rights to the intellectual property for your product and/or service?
  • Does your proposal demonstrate solid market potential?
  • Have you been trained under JSIF alternative livelihood programmes included but not limited to business development, and vocational studies.

Grant Eligibility

The ICDP Enterprise grants will be targeted at eligible micro and small enterprises within the 18 ICDP Communities (See Appendix with list of eligible communities). Applicants must be domiciled within the target communities, or have their enterprise within the community. The grant will be eligible for funding innovative business idea including starts, or existing business. It is not limited to sectors, however, the grant will only fund capital investments and will not be eligible for recurrent expenses such as wages and salaries.

Who is eligible to apply?

Micro and Small businesses from the approved communities that will make a measurable contribution to the enterprise development objectives are eligible to apply

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