The Beyonce Syndrome - Embracing the Crawl before You Fly

Along with many other music lovers across the globe, I too watched the live stream of Beyonce's performance at the Made In America concert. 

Although I am not a Beyonce stan ... I do admire that woman for her work ethic and the success she created for herself and her brand. Just the fact that I was on Tidal watching the live stream was such a smart business move by her and her team. I look at the things that other people probably overlook because my perspective and focus are different. I am focused on overall success.

The Beyonce Syndrome

For a 20 something-year-old ambitious woman like myself, we are driven by success. However, we can at times be delusional of what that may look like or should look like.

Let's take a look at what I have called'The Beyonce Syndrome'-  a characteristic combination of opinions, emotions, or behavior.  

Beyonce is one of the hardest working and successful women in the world- her work ethic is admirable, and her success makes many envious.  However, we cannot get caught up in the glory of her success and completely forget about the process it takes to get to that level of success. We forget that this is a woman who has been in the industry since the age of 15 and whose father left his successful job to manage her career before she even had a career.  

Now, there is nothing wrong with admiring her work ethic ... because that is why I like her, but there is something wrong if you feel the need to create this 'Beyonce illusion of success'just to show off for your peers and strangers without you actually going through the enduring process of success.  

Beyonce was lucky enough to have successful and supportive parents. However, it is her grind that helped her to be where she is today.

Crawl Before You Fly

We forget the hate groups that were formed on the internet against her after everyone deemed her a 'diva' after the many changes happened in Destiny's Child. We forget about the time she was boo'ed in front of an entire stadium while performing with Destiny's Child. We forget that for her first solo album, she was told that she didn't have one hit record and that it wouldn't sell. 

It is her drive and ability to push through her obstacles that has molded her into who is today - the successful Beyonce, we all can't get enough of!  

So you may be at a 'standstill' right now. You may not feel like you are on the right path, but it could be because you are too busy comparing yourself to the Beyonces of the world.

It’s okay to be in a ‘crawling’ season


She is running her world, and you can run yours too if you change your focus. It's okay to be in a 'crawling' season, even if it feels like you are there for a while. Learn as much as you can and celebrate your small victories. You are worth celebrating regardless of where you are right now in your process. 

Get rid of the Beyonce Syndrome and work on your life, your brand and your journey.

How are you learning to trust the process while preparing your breakthrough?