Taking Your Career to the Next Level with Shelby Ivey Christie



Have you been struggling in your career life? Want useful tips and guide on how to enhance your career?  We chatted with Shelby Ivey Christie of BronzeBombshell.com on useful tips, advice and strategies for growing in our careers.

She also shared mistakes we make in our 20s, how to stand out in the workplace and making connections to take our career to the next level.

Key Takeaways

Want to get ahead in your career? Work “SMART + STRATEGIC”
— Shelby Ivey Christie
Let’s dissect smart work. That entails you taking initiative + going the extra mile. This will set u apart and show your value
— Shelby Ivey Christie
Failure taught me that failing is redirection + not rejection. Sometimes failure is God saying not right now, instead of no.
— Shelby Ivey Christie

Strategies that will help to boost your career

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Important Lessons to Learn from Failure

I’ve learned to examine my failures + ask “what should I be learning from this?” Failure is a lesson not a pitfall!
— Shelby Ivey Christie
Another lesson I learned is one in preserving! The one who last the longest + weathers the storm WINS!
— Shelby Ivey Christie
Positivity and perseverance go hand in hand! Hard work is always rewarded with a silver lining
— Jomarie Malcolm

Tips on Leaving Dead-End Jobs

Dead-end jobs are the trailer to your movie. Use the resources there to sharpen ur skills, learn new things and apply it to your next opportunity!
— Shelby Ivey Christie
Don’t let job security make you complacent. You have to take the risk to reap the reward.
— Jomarie Malcolm

How to Make the Most of Dead-End Jobs and Your Time

  • Volunteer your time. Free work can open lots of doors which may open doors for you professionally.
  • Work on your dreams while working that job. So one day your dream become your job.
  • Do a career audit. Evaluate where you are vs where you want to be and take steps to close the gap.

Importance of Having Accountability Partners and Staying Connected

  • Join organisations related to your industry so you can meet people who are heavily involved. Peers can be GREAT mentors!
  • Also, join organisations outside your concentration to become well-rounded and network with others.
  • Seek out mentors who have similar career goals, common interests and a problem you can solve. Seek to OFFER first, instead of take.
  • Linkedin will work wonders! Don't just accept or send request to connect. Actually connect + reach out. Maybe do coffee!
  • Have people around you who are going to keep you challenged, encouraged and accountable. 

Takeaways You Shouldn't Miss

  • State where you want to go and ask what you need to do to get there. 
  • Don't be too focused on vertical movement. Not every opportunity has to be bigger and better than the last. Focus on growing not titles.

What are you key takeaways on growing in your career? What are some practical approaches you have used to get promoted, increase your salary and leverage your network.

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