Lisa Linh on Crafting Her Personal Brand and Growing in Her Career



Meet Lisa Tran (now, Linh), the 25 year old who describes herself as a very driven and motivated, who has a love for photography and a passion for fashion specifically styling.

Lisa who has been financially independent since the age of 18, has been worked in several different industries since the age of 16 and proudly shares that one of her greatest accomplishment, where she hasput herself through school.

Dedicated to never settling for anything less than what she believes she deserves. Lisa Tran, a Public Relations Coordinator for Carrie Amber Intimates (Full-Time), Freelance Photographer and Style Blogger is also an admirer of Lucille Ball, where she shared what she loved most about the idol is her compassion and determination to never give up is admirable and her fashion sense was the best in her time.

Lisa's personal mantra "Love yourself first and everything else will follow"- Lucille Ball, my idol

When did you realize you have a love for photography? 

I've always had a love for taking pictures, whether it was with my Motorola RAZR, my parent's digital camera or Polaroids. I didn't get serious about it until last year, when I bought my first DSLR - Canon T3I. My friends encouraged me to get into the field, I was personally against it due to everyone claiming to be a photographer because they could afford a fancy camera. I didn't want to be labelled the wrong way so I resisted. I eventually decided to buy the DSLR after much saving and debating, realizing that my blog would not be up to part (in my opinion) without original content, including photos.

What would you say has been your biggest challenge as a young professional? 

The biggest challenge as a young professional is being stereotyped. Many people in the industry will think 2 things: "you're young, you have a lot to learn, you aren't up there yet" or "you're not serious, you're just spoiled and was able to buy the camera."

I've been passed upon due to the lack of years of experience; however I find it silly that you can judge someone based on years. Isn't it quality over quantity? I'm a fast learned, a people pleaser in the sense that I guarantee that all my client will like their images. If not, let's re-shoot I have a full-time job that thankfully covers the bills so with photography, it is about the love for it rather than depending on it to make ends meet.

The biggest challenge as a young professional is being stereotyped.

We realize you are big on personal branding and marketing, how important is this for you? And how has it helped you? 

Branding is everything, especially with social media nowadays. No one can make a name for themselves if they don't have Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook, etc. People want to see your work, who they are hiring and who've they worked with in the past. Image is everything, sadly. You have to put the best of the best up on your Instagram if you want to pitch to a client. Otherwise, they'll have doubt.

Personal branding, for me, has helped a lot especially when a lot of my clients are derived from word of mouth - and after they check my social media accounts, they'll reach out to me. Social media is the new resume, easy to access and gives you a huge network to take advantage of. It has helped me get in contact with people I'd never thought I could before.


Three (3) things that keep you grounded? 

Three (3) things that keep me grounded are

  1. My boyfriend, as corny as that sounds, he makes sure I slow down from time to time, relax,   breathe and can make me laugh - which is important. I can be way too serious at times. 
  2. My photography is another outlet that allows me to be creative and release stress and
  3. Lastly, my blog keeps me focused and reminds me of where I want to go, what goals I want to reach and who I want to meet. As silly as it sounds, I do put a lot of work into my blog and although I may not have the funds to consistently provide outfit ideas like every other blogger, I do put a lot of my love into it. It allows me to express myself in my own way, I'm not afraid of criticism, if you don't like one outfit then that's fine because I don't have a specific style so maybe you'll like the next one or the one after that.

What is your advice to other young women who want to venture into the creative industry, but not sure which route to take? 

Be prepared to be let down, to be disappointed, to not meet your expectations and then be ready to overcome it all. Let go of your fears, be aggressive and never give up.

The road to success is not a clear path; it's like the 405 freeway, all lanes are backed up, traffic can take awhile to die down and you may be stuck in the car but that does not mean you can't sketch in the meantime, perhaps think of what to do next, where you want to go, plan out projects while you're in the car. Don't get upset, just breathe and move on.

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updated: July 2016