Hustle the Vision - 4 Ways to Rock this Life through Purpose

Given to me before birth, consumption in design. I have a vision that I shall hustle until it is mine.

Until I can hold it. Until I can see it. Until I can feel it. Until I am living and breathing it. I hustle the vision because my life depends on it.

Often times, we have visions created for us through expectations of those that really didn’t take the time to know us, or realize our design. But deep down or even at the surface, we have a vision (of our own) that we actually want more than just to dream about but to actually live and tell stories about.

So when I say, "I hustle the vision because my life depends on it", it is because it does. I’m not just talking about hustlingor some “vision” that compromises my design, Who I Am. I’m talking about pursuing/hustling and living the life that WE are designed to fulfill. 

Hustle the vision like your life depends on it, because it does.

The thing is, I’ve heard the word hustle in so many different connotations that it had me wondering, just what is the definition? I looked and I was amazed; from positive to negative, to speculation and dream chasers. I won’t force you to read the extensive definition but, I will say this, it’s all about aggression in pursuit to what you think belongs to you.

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.
— Joel A. Barker

If you’re wondering how to hustle the vision versus just hustling or just dreaming, and/or maybe you need a refresher ... keep reading because ...

It's Time to Rock this Life through Purpose

So, let’s go over the basics and I’ll leave the specifics to you, to hustlea purpose filled vision, what do you need? 

1. A vision that loves, honors, and admires the person you are becoming, and helps you become that person. Sometimes we need to get quiet, block out all the noise, be patient, take the risks, and say, Yes to the ideas, dreams, and desires that question us, yet excite us, and what we actually want to see in our reality.

2. Commitment and dedication that says, even in weakness, my vision is too important for me to quit, and my inner strength is too strong for me to ignore it. Over time, I’ve noticed that what we commit and dedicate our time to determines where we will pull our strength from and why we pull it. It’s okay if we allow ourselves to have bad (personal) days but if we allow the bad days to override and overpower our strength, how will we be able to remember our commitment and dedication to the vision, the dream that calls us to live out our beautiful design? I know this is cliché, but never forget your WHY, even if you’re allowing yourself to have a bad day.

3. Support. There will be and are already things and people attempting to talk us out of hustling our vision. Allow your support to be what steps in when you’re thinking of going back or not taking another step it pushes you forward, and reminds you of who you are and that your vision isn’t just a mission to be completed for you but for those that will follow after. Think of the affirmations that remind you of strength and that you are worth seeing the vision through.

Or have your best girlfriends on speed dial ready to let you vent but also ready to tell you not to quit!!

Sometimes we really don’t know or even forget how powerful our place in this world is.

4. Determination. A vision is an image that’s not complete until it’s in our reality. 

This is where the hustle comes in.

 I know we all can give ourselves the mirror pep talk about who we are and what we are going to do, but then we have to actually go out and do it! That vision didn’t appear in your imagination, dreams or get stirred up in your heart for you and I to just talk about it, it is time to work it! Sometimes we turn down our determination because doubt or its relatives fear and whomever else attempt to convince us that our vision only has the power to influence/change our lives. That is not true. There are many people depending on you! Our determination is not just about us today, it’s about us tomorrow, a year from now, 10+ years from now, it’s about owning our position through completion.

Admit it, it sounds dope, fresh and full of truth to tell someone (even yourself) that Today, I Am Hustling My Vision.

It’s time to rock this life through purpose - here’s how to do it!

Side Note: There are so many people that you may never meet depending on you to own who you are and fulfill what your design has cultivated in you. You may think that what you do today doesn’t influence tomorrow but your life and its vision is so important that you can’t take that chance.

Now it’s your turn: If you made yourself a personal list of specifics of HOW you WILL “hustle your vision” what would it say?

If you’re wondering about the vision that I am currently hustling, This journey of hate, healing and understanding is my honesty on a different level about being my parents’ grown kid of divorce.