How Saying Yes Positioned Reese Evans for Success



Interview by Carey-Lee Dixon

Reese Evans is a successful online entrepreneur who got her start after realizing that she had the power to design her best life by saying yes to stepping outside the comfort zone and taking the lead in her life. She's the creator of Yes Supply, an online community of entrepreneurial millennial women that help to inspire women to start a career doing what they love.

Yes Supply isn't overnight success, the journey involved lots of guts and commitment from Reese who shared that she once struggled with stepping out from behind the scenes and the fear of being judged by others to build her business.

We caught up with Reese to learn more about her journey to starting a business and her best advice to women who limit themselves to their comfort zone.

Share with us your journey to starting your business

My journey to starting my business was a long one. After being fed up in a retail job that made me feel like creativity was fading away, and a failed job hunt, I knew something had to change.

I knew I had more potential than what I was doing but no one was giving me a chance. It was like you needed to have experience to get the job, but no one was willing to give me the experience.

I had an epiphany moment one day after a particularly difficult day at work. My shift had ended at 3 AM for a sales markdown and I realized I was falling deeper into a career path that I didn’t want to be on.

I realized - If no one was going to give me an opportunity, I had to create my own.

That’s where I came up with the idea for yes supply. Sitting on a couch in my old apartment, writing down all the things that mattered to me, all the things I wish I could do on a regular day.

Once you decided to pursue your vision, how long did it take you to launch?

It took me a while. I actually bought my domain and told myself that if it didn’t take off in a year, I would let it pass. Well, a year went by where I hardly did anything on the website, but when it came time to let the domain expire, I couldn’t do it. Something had been pushing me to not let this dream go, and I decided to listen to my intuition, even though I didn’t know what was in the plan for me.

I blogged for many months before telling people what I was doing because I was afraid of what people might think. I had never heard of anyone doing what I was doing, and I was so fearful that people would think I was weird, or cheesy, because I wanted to go after more in my life.

How did you know this was the right path for you? 

I know this is the right path for me, because I follow what I’m passionate about and I know I’m being gently guided by my intuition and what I’m meant to do. Everything that I do with yes supply aligns to my greater purpose.

Through Yes Supply Co you help girl bosses create business and the life they love. How do you empower women to say yes to stepping outside their comfort zone and make big leaps in their lives?

I empower by helping women put their self-worth in the right perspective and get out of their own heads. I used to struggle with negative self-talk nonstop. The recurring theme in my head was “You’re not smart enough, Reese” “No one’s going to like you"

I help more women combat negative self-talk with the daily Good Morning Beautiful emails

Additionally, I know that even if you have the mindset and the motivation, without the right help and guidance, new entrepreneurs can get stuck. That’s why I created the Yes Supply Collective that has what you need to turn your passion into a profitable a business. There’s accountability, support, my tools and strategies to building my own business and creating a passive income, and mentorship from leading entrepreneurs from around the world.

If you’re reading this, and you don’t know where to start, the Collective will give you incredible guidance to reach your goals. I also have created a FREE training called the 5C’s of Creating Consistent Profits In Your Business that guides new entrepreneurs through different ways to monetize your business by creating the right products, finding clarity, building a website that works for you, cultivating a community, and creating continuous income.

Positioning yourself as a valuable player is deemed essential to the growth of an entrepreneur. What has been the greatest lesson you have learned about positioning yourself for success despite challenges and setbacks? 

I’ve learned to never give up, and to keep pushing forward no matter what. Stay tied to your goal and your purpose, but be open to shifting your strategy to figure out what works for you.

If you’re facing lots of challenges, and setbacks, but you know where you want to be, it’s always a good idea to invest in yourself and your success. 

You have had your own challenges of stepping outside the comfort zone. What excuses and self-talk did you have to get rid of to get to where you are now?

When I first started Yes Supply, I had an inspirational poster in my kitchen next to my coffee maker that said “The secret to getting ahead is getting started"

That daily reminder, next to my morning coffee, reminded me that I needed to take action on my ideas. Everyone wants success, everyone wants to build a life they want, but not everyone is going to take action and put in the work. When you start putting in the work, get started, and do what you feel is right, the next step on your path starts to appear right ahead of you!

Everyone wants success, everyone wants to build a life they want, but not everyone is going to take action and put in the work.

Having a morning routine is a big part of starting your day on the right path. What is your morning routine like?

If you’re someone who opens your eyes, and the first thing you do is go on Instagram, that has to stop.

Having a morning routine is essential in my day. I’ve learned not to ever skip my morning routine or I’m completely thrown off.

When you first wake up, that is when your subconscious mind is the most receptive to whatever you tell it- and your subconscious mind fuels your actions, the way you hold yourself, and the way you speak.

You NEED to start your day feeling your subconscious mind with the reminder that you can create the life you want, and you can achieve your goals.

I start every day by:
• Reading a positive quote
• A meditation, visualization, or journalling
• Setting my intention for the day- One thing I can do to move closer to my big goal
• A positive morning mantra- saying a positive affirmation to myself
• One challenge or something I can do outside of my comfort zone to get better every day

If you’re struggling with knowing where to start with your morning routine, sign up for Good Morning Beautiful, where I pack my morning routine into aN email that’s helped thousands of women around the world start their day with intention, motivation, and check their goals off the list.

What is your best advice you'd give to a woman who has been saying no to stepping outside the comfort zone?

One thing that made me take the leap to do Yes Supply was that even though the fear was there to step out of my comfort zone- the fear of regret and wondering ‘what if’ was much bigger.

This dream had been following me, and reminding me of it for months. It was the universe telling me, go for it, go for it. But my fear was holding me back.

But then I realized that if I did nothing, I would always be asking myself “What if?” and I never wanted to be faced with regret of a past I couldn’t change.

Go after what you want. Don’t follow the crowd. Instead of wondering “will anyone like me?” ask “Do I like me?”

Strive to do the best you can for yourself, fight for what you want, and know that you can create any kind of like and business you want when you get the focus and guidance you need to create it!

What is your greatest takeaway from Reese? How are you saying yes to taking the lead in your life? Share in the comments below.

Reese Evans of Yes Supply is empowering women to say yes to designing their best lives and business