Lessons, Mindset and Habits - Finishing the Year with a BANG



Beating up yourself about all the things you could have accomplished, this Twitter Chat focused on habits and mindsets to adopt as well as useful tips and how-to-guide to finish the year strong. 

Key Takeaways

Following your gut and listening to YOU is essential.
I learned that I’m not in control of Gods will...I can only choose to live within it or outside of it.
— No Validation Needed (@NonprofitNVN)
My biggest achievement is that I never stopped challenging myself to improve.
— Monique K.
Keep “working”. Giving up is not an option.
— @1908DivineIvy
Don’t under estimate the POWER of a SUPPORT SYSTEM.
If I fall short I vow to not beat myself up.
— Ginger-Vee (@OfficialGingerV)
God has given me the power and authority to a life of abundance. I won’t be afraid to walk in my authority.
— No Validation Needed (@NonprofitNVN)
Be mindful of who you share your goals with because everyone is not for you.
Sometimes you WILL walk alone...and that’s okay. Not all will understand your journey.
— @1908DivineIvy