Denieze Anderson on Finding Herself and Transitioning from One Career to Another

Denieze Anderson, who goes by the name Jane Macgizmo is an upcoming Jamaican artiste with a big soul with an aim to create refreshing sound, talks about finding herself, doing what she loves and shares her challenges on transitioning from one career to another.

She describes herself as simple but very complex. Born in Mandeville, Jamaica, Denieze enjoys the simple in life.  A lover of the arts and explorer at heart who has a fearless heart, she has tried her hands at photography, film, video editing, graphic design, music and painting. She shares, 'I’m complex just because being an artist I feel is a big responsibility and it’s a lot of thoughts to handle since you pay so much attention to detail'.

Your 20's is defined as a time for exploring, learning and finding yourself. You are known for being a fearless soul at trying your hands at many things, including photography, music and fashion, how has this helped you on your journey to 'finding you and what you really want to do'?

It has had its ups and downs where there were points where I thought that this is what I really wanted to do and then it changes. 

I think my biggest issue is that having so many talents and to be honest not knowing that you have all these talents and finding it out along the way, its kinda like life is a movie where I just kinda sit in the backseat and let God drive because I don’t think my destiny is at all left up to me anymore.

I definitely didn’t see myself seriously doing music. I mean I went to music school so much of my life and playing the piano has always been therapeutic but I didn’t think I could sing because I’d always try to sing pop when I had no clue I just had a soulful voice. So I have always wanted to do music from when I was ten composing songs on the piano and singing (badly) along to when I’d download beats and write songs. I didn’t even know I was a writer but I started to write. 

So for me, it is just inspiration and I just express it in whatever talent I feel at the time. I definitely think its something I will struggle with for the rest of my life. Its sort of a blessing and a curse all in one. Its weird. I’m weird.

What is the best advice received

I think, the best advice I ever received is the one I haven’t taken is “To take a leap of faith”, just because I know I’m not meant to be in a 9 to 5. I’m an artist and I struggle with it everyday so I really do wonder if I were to just close my eyes and let go if I’d find my true happiness.

What is the best lesson you have learned to date

To give thanks and always be grateful for what you have and that I’m not like everyone else and you can’t live for anyone but yourself.

What has been your biggest challenge in transitioning from one career field to another? And how has it helped to strengthen your character?

To convince myself that I haven’t failed and that I’m just growing and finding myself. I don’t like the feeling that I’ve quit but sometimes I’m hard on myself. Also disappointing people when they believe in me in a particular career path but its your sanity so right now I just work with what’s thrown my way since I no longer have control over it. I thought I was gonna be a doctor like the next person. The end. But nope, I became everything totally opposite. It has strengthened my character by helping me just believe in myself and not basing my decisions off anyone else’s opinions. 

People are entitled to their opinions but that has nothing to do with you.

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