Daneille Mattis "I've had to prove myself"

"You have to put in work to get to the top so get to it and don't shortchange yourself."

Daneille Mattis 20-something-year-old certified makeup artist and business student based in Toronto, Canada with a little over two (2) years experience, has honed her skills through practice and certified training in makeup artistry, shared that she has found her passion and is living what she loves. In this feature she describes her biggest risk to date, which has challenged her to step outside her comfort zone.

Your 20's is defined as a time for exploring, learning and finding yourself. But being a make-up artist is your thing, would you say, you have found exactly what you always wanted to do?

To be honest, doing makeup wasn't something I always wanted to do. I never grew up with dreams of becoming a makeup artist. What I did know was that I wanted be an entrepreneur, like my dad, and I wanted to be successful. I had no idea what passion was. It wasn't something that I was familiar with because I had never experienced it. It was merely an idea that I heard about time and time again. It wasn't until I got my hands on some makeup brushes and dabbled in some drugstore eyeshadows during my free time, that I recognized my love for it. Now, I'm definitely able to say I've found my passion and my calling.

What inspired you to pursue your dreams in the field of beauty?

My inspiration was birthed from my passion. I love making women look and feel beautiful and confident. When I recognized my love for beauty, I couldn't imagine living a life without fulfilling my purpose daily. 

You are quite passionate about the work you do, how important is it for you to 'live what you love'?

That phrase alone is such a driving force for any entrepreneur. It's not easy trying to build a brand for yourself, but you know what is easy? Waking up every morning happy to go to work, knowing that I'm truly "living the dream" all because I know I get to do what I love. 

What would you say is the most challenging for you as a 20-something-year-old female entrepreneur?

My biggest challenge is time management. Pursuing my degree in business administration while simultaneously trying to expand my brand can be quite the task, knowing that I can't prioritise one over the other because they are both very important. 

Also there have been times that I've had to work with people who may not take me as seriously due my age and years of experience (I've been a makeup artist for two (2) years and some change). I've therefore had to prove myself more than the average MUA. 

The biggest risk you had to take to 'make things happen' for you in your career?

As an entrepreneur, there are bound to be risks as we live our lives with so many uncertainties. But one that I'm undergoing right now, is my makeup workshop and this has to be my biggest risk so far. Simply because this is my first ever workshop, and I have no experience in planning events of any sort. But stepping out with faith and out of my comfort zone, I'm very positive that it will be successful.

Your advice to other women, who are unsure how to make the step to pursue what they love?

My advice is simple ...

  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. You can't expect others to believe in you if you don't even believe or have confidence in yourself. 
  • Research - once you decide on what you want to pursue, research as much as you can about that field to see the pros and cons and how you should start. 
  • Act - Just start somewhere. It's true what they say: You have to put in work to get to the top so get to it and don't shortchange yourself. Remember everything little thing makes a difference. 
  • Be inspired- there are probably tons of people who you can look up to in your chosen field. Ensure that you find a few people who you can look up to and seek mentorship from to steer you in the right direction. 
  • Also, remember that networking is everythingand never lose faith.