Beautiful Inside Out with Natalie of The Tiny Closet - "Beauty is authenticity"

For another installment of Beautiful Inside Out, we connected with Natalie, Blogger/Designer of  The Tiny Closet, out of LA, Calfornia.

Inspiration to start a style blog

I realized I hated nearly all of the clothing in my closet due to years of mindless shopping.  I wanted an authentic style and only clothes that I adored.  So I cleared out my closet leaving probably a quarter of it, donated everything and started over.  

I decided to ignore the rules from that point on and just buy clothing that defined me and repurpose the clothing I had to keep it relevant.  

Before I knew it, it turned into a lifestyle that I really believe in.

How would you like your blog to impact the lives of women?

I want to show other women how someone can have a smaller wardrobe of clothing they adore by always shopping authentically, ignoring the rules of fashion and style and the need to chase trends and never having that problem of "nothing to wear".  By repurposing and altering old clothes, not being afraid of what you love (ahem, harem pants) and being creative with your personal style makes for a more stylish, personal, happier closet!

What is beauty to you?

To me, beauty is authenticity with all of its flaws. And simplicity.  

How much of an importance is looking and staying beautiful both inside and out is to you?

It's very important to me.  

I'm vain and I love fashion and beauty so I will always be a supporter of that - but also, being a good person is extremely important to me.  A self-possessed, happy woman in love is a beautiful thing.  I aim to be that.

We have all struggled with our own personal insecurities, what has been your biggest insecurity and how have you dealt with it?

I've had various insecurities throughout my life: being awkward, being a closet introvert - but in the end, getting past that was just accepting it.  


I've observed and met so many women in my life and everyone is different but at the same time all the same!  After realizing this, it's much easier to accept the differences and flaws within myself because it's what makes me who I am.  

The older I get the more I’m seeing that what women tend to hide in themselves is exactly the thing that sets them apart and makes them beautiful.

Best advice received about 'owning your beauty'?

Work with what you have.  I think it was my mother who said that.

Updated June 2016