4 Career Lessons We can learn from Rihanna

Jameela Hollingsworth

Bajan signing sensation Rihanna is arguably the queen of branding and reinvention. We all know the #BBHMM star is all about her coins and is a successful business powerhouse! One thing is for certain when it comes to her money this girl does not play!

Here are 4 valuable career lessons we can all learn from Rihanna

1. Never have one stream of income

Chile... If you live on Mars let me update you! Although her claim to fame is singing she has entered several business ventures from: makeup, perfume, clothing, footwear and several other projects. This is the perfect example of diversifying your income ensuring you don't depend on one source.

It's okay to have a 9-5 job but what happens if you lose your job and that income source dries up?

Tip: Start a side hustle, invest your money or find a part-time job. Diversifying your income streams will ensure financial stability.

Start a side hustle, invest your money or find a part-time job. Diversifying your income streams will ensure financial stability.

2. Personal Branding is Everything!

Love it or hate it ... Rihanna is the queen of personal branding! We know her so well we can identify her by her tattoos (you know I'm speaking the gospel).

From her ever-changing hairstyles, fashionable attire and unique personality, these factors have all contributed to her overall personal brand which she is widely known for.

What does your personal brand say about you?

Tip: You must create a personal brand that allows people to associate you by a particular trait. Whether it is a particular hairstyle, unique style of dressing, your infectious personality or your habit of being notoriously early.

Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room!

3. Consistency is Key!

Whether it’s a new album, a new product or photos of her out and about in risqué fashion...she stays in our face and as the topic of our conversations. You never know what the Rihanna camp is coming out with next or what unpredictable thing she will do so we are always locked...That's how you stay relevant!

One thing is for certain we are always expecting the next big thing from Rihanna because of her consistency.

Tip: Stay relevant! Ensure you produce consistently a high level of work, eventually, people will expect that from you. Slacking off can damage the personal brand and reputation you have worked so hard to build, always try to be better than your last project.

Consistency is Key! You are only as good as your last project!

4. Vacation is Necessary for Reinvention!

Whether she is sailing around Barbados or surfing in Brazil... Rihanna loves a vacay! 

Who doesn't!

Vacation is necessary to reduce the chances of burnout due to constantly going...From my personal experience, I find that unplugging and taking a break allows me to be more efficient and creative on my return to the office.

Tip: Take all of your vacation allocated for the year! Burn out kills!

What career lessons have you learnt from someone you admire?


Jameela Hollingsworth is the owner of the HR Boss a Caribbean millennial career consultancy with readership in over 27 countries. The HR Boss was founded with the mission of helping Caribbean millennials kick butt and take names and be the Boss you were destined to be. The HR Boss is currently on its regional Career Tour with seminars being held in Barbados, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago.

Jameela is a qualified HR practitioner with over 6 years’ experience in Jamaica, Barbados and St. Lucia. At present; she serves as the HR Business Partner for a regional group of companies. 

When Jameela isn't being the boss she was destined to be; she spends her free time : traveling, spending time with the important people in her life and being Olivia Pope.