21 Ways Women Can Invest in Themselves Starting Today



There is a trend of young women burning out by the age 30 which is, unfortunately, common. Often times, we feel guilty when we take a break, but it is important to realize that self-care is not a luxury, it's a necessity. We must do what it takes to take care of ourselves - through this guide, we provide simple tips to step away, give yourself a chance to refuel and come back refreshed. And in case no one told, you deserve to care wholeheartedly for yourself. 

Here we share 21 simple ways women can start INVESTING in themselves.

1. Read a book - how about switching entertainment for investing in reading a book? 15 minutes daily will do.  

2. Journal - find a few minutes out of your day to reflect on the week. What did you learn? How did you grow? How can you be better?

3. Identify something you absolutely enjoy doing and do it!

4. Pamper yourself - when was the last time you took care of you? Schedule a facial or a massage.

5. Meditate - find your quiet space and clear your mind. Find your om. Alex Elle teaches us about finding balance and meditating

6. Go for a walk - get up and get out.

7. Sleep - how about going to bed a little earlier than usual tonight? Promise you'll wake up feeling more refreshed.

8. Set some boundaries dammit, stop allowing people to walk in and out of your life. Take control of what you allow in your life. Myleik Teele shared, "Create healthy boundaries, not rigid emotional walls." 

9. Be mindful of energies. Do you know what fuels and drains you? Spend time identifying how your habits and relationships influence you.

10. Put down the phone, turn off notifications - take a digital detox.

11. Drink an extra glass of water - did we glowy skin? Yes, we did.

12. Exercise and sweat - who said you had to go to the gym? Youtube workout videos are great too. Pretty girls sweat too

13. Organize your workspace, closet or cupboards - how about making things easier to find things and lessening the stress to find that black dress.

14. Listen to an awesome podcast! Levo League and XO Necole shared a powerful list podcasts to listen to, which features boss women like Myleik Teele, Jess Lively, Courtney Sanders and Lisa Nicole Bell. A few our favourites include Joblogues, Support is Sexy, Side Hustle Pro and The Friend Zone.

15. Take a nice hot bath - turn on your favorite mellow music + light a few candles. Even Oprah finds time to do it!

16. Do something different, something, anything! Step outside the comfort zone.

17. Spend a few extra minutes getting ready for the day - slow down, stop rushing so much!

18. Be in the moment - slow down, enjoy uninterrupted time with friends and family!

19. Spend time with your favourite people like your girlfriends - let your hair down and laugh a little.

20. Smile more, laugh more. Turn that negative into a positive, you'll feel better and stress less.

21. Pray more than you complain! Do more than you dream!

How do you invest in yourself daily? Let us know in the comments below.

21 ways to invest in yourself - a self-investment guide for women
21 Ways Every 20-Something-Year-Old Woman Can Invest in Herself