6 Things Every Woman Should Hear More Often

We are often bombarded with things we should and shouldn't do every day. Our friends and family tell us, "Girl, you shouldn't leave that job." Our co-workers and supervisors suggest that we should conform to their standards. 

Listening to everyone without choosing the right messenger can sometimes get overwhelming, that's why we suggest listening to yourself first (your gut never lies) and choosing wisely who you listen to - especially in a time when we are bombarded with newsletters. social media and Whatsapp messages.

As a woman growing in your career or building your business, it is important to feed your mind with not only positive but also raw and honest messages that will help you grow in your life. Feeding your mind with messages that are relevant to you and where you are at a particular stage in your life or career can help you to make clearer decisions. 

Here we share six (6) things you need to hear more often that help you to make room to enhance your self-esteem, boost your confidence and lead healthier lives. With the following regularly tips that will renew your energy and revitalize your spirit.

1. Build Self-Confidence

Handle your inner critic. We all have it, that little voice inside our heads that tells us that "we can't." 

You need to understand that you are not that voice. You are more than that. That little voice, your mind, has good intentions: it wants to protect you, to keep you safe. And in order to keep you safe, it will tell you to stay where you are, to stick to the known and not step outside your comfort zone.

Choose your thoughts carefully: What we focus on, expands. Want more positivity? Think more positive thoughts.

2. Be Open to Change

Our mind is like a parachute: it works better when it's open. How open to change are you? Are you at the limit line or are you moving it? Many of us will resist change, we will even negate it given the chance. The trick is to explore new opportunities. Take on new roles, responsibilities and challenges. The more you move the limit line the more confident you will become in yourself and abilities. 

If you find yourself resisting changes, ask yourself - is this something I want? How badly do I want it? What if I never try? 

Remember, the best part of your life is beyond your limit line. Jump.


3. Be Clear on What You Want

Clarity leads to power. One of the reasons many women don't get what they want is that they don't know what they want. Is that you?

To get clear on what you want and where you are heading, it is important to spend time with you - assessing where you are and where you want to go. Is your career vision clear? Can you see the best version of yourself? The self that is leading her life? Is it compelling? Can you feel, smell, hear, see and almost taste what lies ahead in your desired future? If so, you are on the right track. If not, spend some time formulating a clear picture of what you want to achieve.

4. Activate Your Passion 

Spend time to get in touch with what makes you feel good. What lights you up? Do you know what fuels you? What activities do you enjoy doing and which ones drain the life out of you on a daily basis?

Do more of what ignites you. Discover your what you love and do more of it for the pleasure of it. Then, find time to build your passion into your weekly or monthly routine. 

5. Create 'Me Time' Every Single Day

Even if you start with 10 minutes daily - cultivate time for yourself. Instead of picking up the phone first thing in the morning, grab your journal or spend a few minutes repeating your affirmations for the day. 

It's okay crave out time just for you - no emails, no notifications. Use the time to do something you want to do instead of things you think you 'should' or 'need' to do.

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6. Don't be a Superwoman

Say no perfectionism and doing it all on your own. Don't overcommit yourself to tasks - ask for help when you need it. It's important to know when to say 'no' to extra jobs and delegate responsibilities. A great way to get things done is through teamwork and collaboration - try this more and get more things done.

What are some things you think women should hear more often? Share in the comments below!

Discover how to lead your best life - 6 things every woman should hear more often.
6 things every woman should hear to help her lead her best life.