Her Wknd Guide: Free Your Mind of the Mental Cobweb



So often we live our lives trapped in our past; holding on to the hurt, pain, regret and mistakes we made a few years back.

Quite often we hold on the things that are hindering from giving the best of ourselves or being successful - those fears and moments of shame. To set up yourself for a bigger outcome and greater life, it's time to create the life you desire by releasing the energies, thoughts and attitudes that have been holding back the 'BEST' version of you.

Instead of dwelling on the negative, setbacks or disappointments, 

  • Devote some time to purge your mind: whether through expressing it through writing (journaling is always therapeutic) - express how you feel about yourself, the thoughts that have been holding you back from being the best version of yourself. Carry on Friends shared some useful tips on journaling
  • Assess yourself/your life: ask yourself the tough questions. Take the time to self-evaluate. How are your mental cobwebs affecting the way you see yourself and treat others?

The aim is not to get it all over and done with this weekend, because in all honesty freeing yourself of the things that hold you back may not be a quick and easy process, but purging and releasing is a start to letting go and attaining the life you rightfully deserve.

Sometimes you will need help from an external source whether it is your friends or therapist. Myleik Teele shares the value of having a therapist and how it has helped her to grow.

How do you invest in yourself and your mental health?

 Discover ways to purge your mind and thrive in your life

Updated September 2016

Her Wknd Guide, the weekly weekend guide designed to challenge and encourage you to live design the best version of yourself and your life starting now.