Proven Theory: Celebrating Other Women Makes You Feel Better


It is natural for women to compete against each other. But, don't you find it tiring to always be competing and trying to prove who is better? Instead of competing and trying to tear down other women, why not try to support them? Why not work together to improve both your lives? Certainly, this would be a win-win situation. 

Here are some simple, yet profound ways, in which you can support other women and feel better about yourself in the process.

  • Give someone a genuine compliment.
  • Stop by, call or email a friend just to say hello 
  • Encourage a co-worker or family member when she is uncertain or unmotivated.
  • Offer a listening ear when someone in your life needs to vent.
  • Take a few minutes of your time to render practical assistance to someone in need. 
  • Fight for a good cause. 

When you have done one of these things, take a moment to pat yourself on the back. If you make her smile, then you too willbe cheered.


Interestingly, you are likely to treat yourself the way you treat others. For example, the warmer and more welcoming you are towards other the women, the more loving and forgiving you will be with yourself.  


Think about the way you treat other women, and if you realise that you are often mean and unforgiving, find ways in which you can change your attitude.  Initiate the change by asking yourself questions like the following:

  1. Am I jealous of her?
  2. Why am I jealous?
  3. Why am I so angry towards and judgmental of other women?
  4. How can I improve my relationship with other women?

Take the next step. Take action that will ensure your evolvement as a better person.

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Haven't you noticed a gleam when relationships with women around you are healthy and promising? Ladies, having a good attitude towards women and being more supportive of each other, will not only make you feel good about yourself but will help to inspire a more healthy relationship among the female species. 

Quit being judgmental, jealous and envious of other women. Change your thoughts about other women and you’ll notice a change in your life.

Let the start of supporting other women begin with you!

How are you redefining your relationships with other women?