Your Life Will Be Enhanced In a Major Way in July!

You may have heard about the For Women to Women Empowerment Brunch: Power, Influence and Sisterhood happening in July. And it's true. It's happening Sunday, July 17, 2016 at The Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica.  We hope you not only marked your calendars but have called your girlfriends to mark theirs too. Have you seen the agenda and speaker line-up?

The event is positioned to be a power-packed one filled with candid conversations with some of Jamaica's change agents, influencers and industry experts who know their stuff! Wait, did you see the line-up? What we didn't mention is that we have a powerhouse keynote speaker (which will be announced on Thursday) who knows about cultivating strong bonds and positioning herself for success. And what you don't know is that tickets are on sale and they are going fast! Early bird tickets are available and those are almost finished. And you are definitely going to want to grab a ticket before they're gone. 

Tickets to the Empowerment Brunch will provide you access to engaging conversations, networking sessions with industry leaders who love to help women grow and a great brunch menu to top it off. The Empowerment Brunch is a a notch higher than our usual gatherings with twice the energy, awesome 20-30-something-something-year women and of course, more speakers than ever! 

Telling You the Empowerment Brunch will Enhance Your Life is not an Exaggeration

Did you know that more 60% of For Women to Women attendees have come back more than once? Maybe even more compelling is the fact that many of these women don't like to miss our events and are always sharing how our events have enhanced their life. 

The line-up is through the roof and the agenda is amazing! Only thing missing is you and your girls! If you truly want to enhance your life, learn to position yourself as a power player and leverage your network to get what you want, then this event is definitely for you!