6 Things You Need to Improve Order to Grow through Life

Waking and working on our inner abilities, allows us to learn, grow and stand tall in life.

Here are six (6) things you need to have in check that will help you to grow to the next level.

1. Attitude

Are you a woman with a sassy attitude to life? Our attitude to every given situation will make the difference to what shows up in life. Let’s be real not every situation faced is a positive one, but we have the power to make of it what we will. I attended a dear friend of mine, husband’s memorial.  A statement made by the minister resonated with me  'It’s not time that heals grief, but with time you’re able to look at it from a different perspective'.

We all know of people who are at either end of the spectrum when it comes to attitude. If we analyze ourselves - are there patterns of behaviour that have determined our attitude - something to ponder.

My personal mantra is - I am changing my attitude to work with an open heart.

2. Patience

I am personally work in progress with patience, more so since going into business. Patience has sat me down and had a word with me- it is not always going to be the way you want it.

My learning has been to trust myself, use intuition, don’t overdrive the mind on situations. No matter what you will be okay. 

3. Optimism

This a beautiful word to practice being. We know that life episodes are temporary (even if they are good). Knowing this pushes us through the doors of hope, for the better, this surely makes us open to embrace all the offerings of life. 

4. Peace

Is a state that should be natural as the air that we breathe in and out. Most of us of us are not in control of the peace that we want. Being busy striving outside of ourselves for attachments bring stress. Let’s get out of me, me all about me, push back and press that peace button that will bring back the body and mind to alignment. 

5. Confidence

Confidence is an essential ingredient to blossom and flourish. Boost it by taking a check of your self-esteem this, aids with striving. Have the courage to know that you can go for it.

Keep treating yourself beautifully, with the knowledge that you have the inner ability to shine.

6. Smile

It’s a natural ability which we all have. Its rewards are enormous - a boost of the immune system, a natural drug not just for the individual but also all those who come into contact.

ASmile as you start your day- also, accessorize your clothing by wearing colours that compliment that smile.   

What are some other essential tools and practices for growth do your employ in your life?

- Contributed by Janet Brown

6 Things You Need to Improve in Order to Truly Grow in Your Life - it's simpler than you think