7 Traits That Will Position You as a Leader



It’s impossible to value, respect, and admire great leadership if you can’t recognize what makes a leader great.  Women are being elevated into different leadership roles, but there is still much work to do. There were only 19 female prime ministers and elected presidents in power around the globe as of July 2013.  In the business world, women such as Oprah, currently hold only 4.6 CEO positions.

As women we need to know how these women have managed to reach out to millions of people, how they captured the hearts of their audience, their customers, and the secret behind how they have created a thriving business, inspiring their audience year after year, providing employment for thousands of professionals, and finally becoming role models and living legends for other aspiring female leaders, by leaving a legacy through their simple personalities.

We share seven (7) traits of women who takes the lead:

1. Successful Women are Fearless

Despite their failures and losses, successful women leaders remain optimistic. They never give up. A leader who knows what she wants is ever determined and doesn’t allow temporary difficulties to frustrate them from accomplishing their goals. They are bold, and they believe in themselves.

Oprah Winfrey was able to overcome abuse in her childhood because she took life like a bull by the horns and she has successfully carved out a place for herself in history. Her courage, true nature, and wisdom have landed her many awards, and respect. Game changers such as Margaret Thatcher, Gabrielle Bonheur (Coco Chanel) and Carla Harris have created a legacy for themselves has a result of their fearlessness.

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2. They are Visionaries

Successful women leaders are visionaries. They know how to engage their minds, they express their creativity by getting good ideas out of their minds, and they take decisive actions. Taking purposeful action as a leader means you know what to do, how to communicate it and how to do in a consistent manner.

Taking purposeful actions also indicates the capability of what you have created in your mind, and planning how these ideas can activate purposeful actions that should be taken.  

Taking purposeful action as a leader means you know what to do, how to communicate it and how to do in a consistent manner.

3. Resilience

Women leaders have experienced unbelievable setbacks and difficulties. Many came from humble backgrounds, but they confronted countless obstacles right on their path to success in life. In facing these problems, they develop persistence, resistance, and a strong will not only for survival but to create a legacy and become role models for others.

Carla Harris shared that her first secret of success is her faith. She said tenacity, perseverance and resilience are other factors that played an important part on her way to success. 

4. Influencing Others Positively

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and General Motors CEO Mary Barra achieved their greatest success by influencing others. Barra had to deal with the crisis of faulty ignition switch, and Sirleaf was able to lead her country effectively during Ebola epidemic.

Many women leaders inspire others to achieve and have been a  source of motivation and inspire others. 

5. Strong Ambition

When they were confronted with challenges, these women look for the opportunity within. They are women who see the glass as half full rather than half empty.  They always push the boundaries and, when faced with contrary they all learn from it.  

Positivity is their mindset because they always see opportunity in everything.

Push the boundaries and, when faced with contrary learn from it.

6. Passionate

Women, in general, were historically viewed as emotional leaders by men, but we are just passionate explorers that are in pursuit of excellence. When women are not satisfied with the situation on the ground, they try all their best to make things better. Successful women leaders avoid procrastination, and that is why they get things done easily. Their zealous pursuits give them many opportunities to become effective pioneers of new possibilities.

7. Entrepreneurial

Many women leaders discovered motivation and excitement by being exceptionally creative and resourceful when executing tasks and other responsibilities duties. These women avoid falling too far behind on their various projects knowing that if they do it will interrupt their momentum and focus.

It took women like Maya Angelou, Ellen Johnson and other great women, hard work and talent as well as bravery and determination to succeed in life, and if they can do it, you also can do it, rise and take that bold step.