42 Resources to Help Women Entrepreneurs Thrive even with a Day Job

 IMAGE via  WOCinTech Chat

IMAGE via WOCinTech Chat

by Carey-Lee Dixon

It's time to celebrate you – the innovators that are bringing new ideas to life - whether you are a full-time entrepreneur just making your 5 figures, juggling your 9-5 and a side hustle or thinking about creative ways you can turn your passion into profit, increasing your income and stepping outside your comfort zone is always a plus. And what better way to celebrate you than to share resources that will help you to continually grow.

We’ve compiled some of our favourite articles and videos to inspire you to kick ass while growing your business and positioning yourself for success.

For Side-Hustlers (increasing your income streams, mastering your side-hustle and thriving at your day job)

1. You Can't Suck at Your 9-5 and Have a Side Hustle -  The poor work ethic that you have at your 9-5 can affect the work ethic you have in your side hustle, Brittani Hunter (Millennial Mogul)

2. How to Make Yourself Marketable with Emmelie De La Cruz - Learn how having a side hustle is one of the most empowering things you will ever do! (Side Hustle Pro)

Entrepreneurship isn’t cute. It’s not an exit strategy or an alternative to a job you hate.
— Emmelie De La Cruz via Side Hustle Pro

3. Time-Saving Tips for the Side Hustler - For those things you don't like to do, don't have time to do or don't know how to do, outsourcing may be worth the investment. (Ladypreneur League)

4. Juggling Your Day Job and Business - Figure out a plan of attack for building your business. Determine the best time to invest time in your business - are you a morning person or evening person? Find a time and consistently work on your business daily. Respect your time. (She Takes on the World)

5. How to Make More Time for Your Side Hustle - Learn to say NO. (Levo) 

6. How to Take Your Side Hustle to the Next Level - Surround yourself with 'high vibrational' people in similar situations. (Levo)

For those Just Starting Out 

7. 10 Tips for Aspiring Business Owners - You'll grow confidence as you. (Laura Simms)

8.  3 Successful Boss Women Share Advice on Starting a Business - You have to think about what will you do if your business expands before you are ready. (XO Necole)

9. The Key to Building a Business that Lasts - Create space for intentional relationships. (Yellow Conference)

10. Legal Lessons: What You Need to Know to Start a Business - A checklist to help you clarify what is needed to protect your business. (Ladypreneur League)

11. Starting Your Own Sh*t - You have to become very comfortable with being in a leadership position in less-than-perfect circumstances. (Girl Boss)

12. How Zim Ugochukwu Launched Travel Noire and Went from Broke to Boss - Zim shared, "There are periods of time where I won't even leave my house. People see the Portugal part, and they're like 'oh my god, you're travelling!' And it's fun; it's great, but the period before that locked up in your apartment staring at the screen for 15 hours, like that's not sexy at all." (XO Necole) 

For those growing their business 

13. What Business Taught Me about Grace - We can't control what comes our way but can control how we react. (Grit and Virtue) 

14. 6 Email Templates Every Business Owner Needs - Tackle problems like a boss and meet potential clients. (Daily Worth)

15. Skills Every Woman Entrepreneur Must Cultivate - Aside from possessing grit, courage and desire, there are a few talents that can set you up for success. (International Federation of Business and Professional Women)

16. 10 Things You Should Know about Growing their Brand - It will not happen overnight. (Alisha Nicole)

Habits and Mindset You Need to Cultivate

17. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Women Entrepreneurs - Live by your own rules. (Her Agenda)

18. End of Workday Routine Successful Women Swear By - They leave on a positive note. (My Domaine)

19. 5 Mindset Messages Every Female Entrepreneur Should Internalise - My self-worth is not determined by my business. (Female Entrepreneurs Association)

20. 10 Healthy Habits of Black Successful Women Entrepreneurs - The key is to always keep your business on your mind, and by doing this you strengthen your thoughts and innately focus on developing your business. (Empire Life Magazine)

Cultivating Relationships

21. 6 Ways Women Can Power Up their Business with Networking - Success is all about relationships. (Forbes)

22. 5 Ways for Women to Build a Powerful Network - How women create a powerful network. (Virgin Group)

23. 4 Unique Ways Women Entrepreneurs are Helping Each Other Succeed  - Pass along the opportunity (INC Magazine)

For those having a difficult time (ask for help, create systems)

24. 4 Systems for Running a Profitable Business - Create content that is relevant to your niche. (Maya Elious) 

25. How to hustle hard without giving up your life - (Think and Grow Chick)

26. Rejection: Dealing with It In Business - It is inevitable. (Myleik)

For those who need to manage their money (investing in your business, balancing the books and growing financially)

27. 3 Tips to Creating Profitable Pricing - The good stuff begins when you find the sweet spot between the value of your products and services and what the market will bear. (Nice Ops)

28. If You Only Have $X to Invest in My Business Each Month, What Should I Spend it On? - A guide to investing in your business with a budget as low as $10. (By Regina)

29. Investing in Your Business and What to Buy - Tried and true investments for your business (Secrets of a Side Hustle)

30. 4 Money Lessons from Girl Boss - Pay all your bills on time. (My Fab Finance)

31. 5 Apps When You Can't Afford a Bookkeeper - Great apps are great alternatives. (Daily Worth)

32. How to Finance Your Small Business - To finance your business without investors, you'll need to use your own money or get a loan. (Levo)

33. 3 Steps of Making More Money - Give something of great value to others. (Levo)

34. Money Mindsets: 10 Tips to Trick Yourself into Making More Money - Set up a passive income stream. (Think Collective)

35.  6  Ways to Budget for Irregular Income - Diversify your income streams.(Think Collective)

For those who need to make self-care and wellness a priority 

36. Why You Should Be a Lady Who Vacates - Time off and vacations help you boost your brainpower and reboot a mentally drained brain. (Ladypreneur League)

37. Increase Your  Chances of Entrepreneurial Success with These 3 Simple Acts of Self Care - Self care is key to your success. (Female Entrepreneurs Association)

38. Grace vs. Grind: Which One Are You Operating In? - (Think and Grow Chick)

39. How Self-care Helped Me to Double My Business - I had to get support and simplify. (Racheal Cook)

Professional Self-Care isn’t about mani-pedis. It’s all about simplifying, getting support, and working smarter.
— Racheal Cook

40. Self-Care of Black Women - Avoid and cut out things that make you worse. (Black Ballad)

41. How I Found Peace and Happiness with Necole Kane - How letting go and fitness saved her life. (Myleik)

42. Why Self-Care Matters to Me as a Black Women - The work I did with my therapist not only touched base on my depression and anxiety, we also covered topics around racial trauma and identity. (Huffingtonpost)

This list was designed to empower women entrepreneurs to get the knowledge and support they need to grow their business.

Which resources did we miss that you would add to this list?

42 Resources to Help Women Entrepreneurs Thrive even with a Day Job