17 Things Women Have Done that They Should Never Regret

 image via  WOCinTech

image via WOCinTech

We all regret making decisions in our 20s, but there are several reasons we should never regret any of the decisions we make in our lives. Every decision gives you the opportunity to take credit for creating your life.

1.    Ask for a raise - You should know your worth, and you should not be afraid to ask what you want. Asking for a raise could be the most invigorating thing you have ever done. Career Coach Jacqueline Twillie,  shared that "the top five benefits that women forget to ask for when negotiating salary are: additional vacation days, work from home benefits, mentoship, a signing bonus and equipment/software that allow them to perform at the highest level."

2.    Not knowing what comes next should not stop you from quitting your job or moving to a new city. In the beginning, you will fail, but eventually, you will learn to do things on your own. 

3.    We all have said no to a friend or family member, and there should be no shame in that. You should always take a stand for yourself no matter how bad others make you feel. 

4.    Being broke is frightening, but it also teaches you how to be better at managing your money. Tonya Rapley of My Fab Finance shared that one of the lessons she learned when she was broke, was "I learned to diversify my income streams."

5.    Not paying rent because you have spent all of it. You will know how to handle your income better once you get threatened with eviction. 

6.    It okay to get a little jealous of your friends’ success - you are human. This way you will be motivated, and you will improve your performance. Turn your jealousy into inspiration. Chelsea Handler shared her story of being jealous of her best friend and how to deal with it. 

7.    Get competitive in everything will achieve your goals. You will be working harder than others, and it might result in a promotion. But remember, being competitive doesn't mean stepping on others to thrive.

8.    Take career risks. It is imperative for you to make mistakes as you will learn from them.

9.    We all have unreal expectations, but it is a mistake that we need to keep making as this is what makes believe that one day we are going to live all our dreams. 

10.    You need to find your voice; you need to speak at home or when you are taking your friend. People respect you, understand you through your voice. 

11.    Surrounding yourself with the people who don't mean you well. You want to surround yourself with people who make you feel good, strong and supported rather than who doesn’t make you see things differently.

12.    Move across the country with little money. This will help you find a job that you like doing.

13.    Scream on someone who messed up things. Keeping all the heat bottled up is not healthy and will help you have a positive attitude.

14.    Obsessing over how you look - once you have passed this stage you will know you are perfect the way you are. This will bring a positive change in your life as you will know your worth.  

15.    Letting the employer treat you as an intern. You should speak up as this won’t go away when you are older. You need to be confident. 

16.    Trusting people easily and confiding in secret. Being betrayed by someone you thought you could trust is a tough way to learn a lesson. 

17.    Spending money on things you really don't need. Spending money on a dress that you like but will never wear. This reminds you spend wisely. 

You should take responsibility for the things you have done, accept them for what is and learn from, that's the only way you will grow.

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What are some things you have done in 20s that have helped you to be better that we missed on our list? Can you relate to any of these? Share with us in the comments below!

17 Mistakes You Shouldn't Regret that Laid the Foundation for You to Grow