"Nothing Beats Hunger" RisAnne Martin shares how she makes it happen!

Risanne Martin is the creative genius behind Brown Cotton Outreach (BCO) Style, who has pretty much figured what she wants and is fearlessly going for it. Driven by her dreams, she's passionate to take the lead in showing others what it means to live in their purpose while inspiring others.

Meet the 20-something year old, Trinidadian native with a standout persona whose work speaks for itself, Risanne Martin. She shares how she makes it happen, what makes her unstoppable and her tools to winning at life. 

Most challenging thing as a 20-something-year-old entrepreneur

I found financial Management and separating my personal income from my company income to be one of the most challenging things for me. 

How I found the strength to pursue my dreams

A trip to Europe in 2013 with my mom. Her brave battle with cancer gave me a new outlook, encouraged me to be bolder with my plans, to avoid delay. On that trip, my mom made me feel unstoppable as we sat under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, we planned and then returned and executed those plans. 

Taking the step to pursue what you love

The first step for me was doing the actual work. Creating. Taking my dreams to the world, it's so easy to get trapped in the planning phase but the only way to start ... is to actually start.

The importance of being different and owning it

Being different comes naturally when you mind your business. I know it seems a bit cliche.

But I do exactly what I feel.

Most important lesson learned about 'making it happen' despite setbacks

Hunger! Over the years when collaborating, I can always single out the ones who understand hunger, survival and operate on raw instinct, those are the artists I respect the most. It shows in their work. Nothing can touch you, no disappointment, rejection or no validation needed. 

Nothing beats hunger.

What 'Making It Happen' means to me

Making it happen means investing in your business, willing to be broke for awhile so that your brand can grow. Trusting your instincts. Sharing with other artists but most of all doing the actual work ... production.

Mind your business, ask the right questions and do not seek validation it is of no value.

Advice to other women on making that step to doing what they love

Let your passion take the lead, do not let your circumstances decide how far you go. Do not let money be your only motivation. Mind your business, ask the right questions and do not seek validation it is of no value.

Updated: September 2016