Editor's Note: The Relaunch of For Women To Women and Inspiring Change

It took an army of passionate and creative-minded women to put together the re-launch of For Women to Women and in all honesty, this couldn’t be possible if it was a one-man (woman) show.

I can't express how excited we are to be back! With a fresh new concept, new focus and ideas, we are feeling refreshed and we couldn't wait to the reveal the new look and feel of our site.

After celebrating one year of successes last year, we reflected on all the things that were right and those we missed the score on. It was in those moments of reflection that we took some time to remind ourselves of why we got started in the first place – which was to impact the lives of women in a positive and fulfilling way.


In our four-month hiatus, we dedicated some time to making this platform into a more wholesome one for you – one that celebrates you and your uniqueness, one that empowers you to be the best version of yourself, one that supports you along your journey and one that challenges you to be open-minded.  


It was during those four months of preparation that we were reminded how beautiful and genuine women are and can be, and that only women who are empowered can empower women. I take this time to send doses of love and hugs to the ladies who gave us a listening ear, who opened their hearts for us to pour out our souls as we shared our wildest dreams and aspirations. We have worked with a  number of women, many of whom we have never met, but it has seemed like we have known them for years; those who shared their honest opinions and those who boosted us up when things got a bit on the rough side. And of course, I thank the men who were there to cheer us on and who gave us some useful tips and advice.


Today, we are glad to be re-launching not only a brand, but a network and platform for women to relate, engage and connect with women whose dreams include being the best version of themselves. Through this new and re-launched platform, you will meet women who dream big, live limitless lives and will share the truths about their journeys and the issues we women face. Some will be controversial while others will be inspiring and empowering. Through this platform we will share our perspectives, insights, tips, advice, life experiences and lessons learned.

With For Women to Women, you can now feel comfortable being judged by the company you keep, because you'll be surrounding yourself with women who are awesome, powerful and who ROCK! Damn good company, might I add, with that added bonus of women who are supportive and share their perspectives as honestly and as real as it gets.


This month is pretty major for us, and while we celebrate the re-launch of our site, in another few weeks, we will be celebrating our 2nd Anniversary. With this year's International Women's Day being celebrated under theme 'Inspiring Change', we have partnered with Monique Kennedy of M*RKologie for the Shero Inspired Challenge under the theme 'Inspiring Change: Be Your Own Shero'. We have created this 31-day challenge centered around getting the life you deserve and becoming your own ‘shero’. We are now at Day 6 and today, it is celebrating 50 reasons you are glad to be a woman, so feel free to join me, Monique and a number of other women for this challenge and share your progress using the hashtag #sheroinspiredchallenge.

In these past few months, we have been introduced to and inspired by women who prove that inspiring change has a lot to do with dreaming, but everything to do with being fearless risk-takers and doers. And it is no denial that we have been inspired by women like media mogul Oprah Winfrey, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, women and education activist Malala Yousafzai and Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o, who all reminded us that our dreams are valid and that we don't have to conform to standards others have set for us. We should also remember the exceptional women who have paved the way for us. Today’s women are not only stepping up and speaking out,  but are also there steering their own ship, making decisions in the board room, advocating for gender equality, building empires, changing the image of how women are traditionally perceived and working on building the self-esteem of our young girls.

This month we will be featuring some of the women who are inspiring change within their communities and through online platforms – women who foster the creation of positive thinking and outlook and women who challenge women to be transparent, confident and courageous.


How are you inspiring change? Which women have inspired you and how do you hope to emulate them in a positive way? Share with us some of the women who have inspired you to be the best version of yourself or women that inspire you to DREAM BIG and live limitless lives by tweeting us at @forwomentowomen.

Also, let us know how you are liking the new look and feel of the site by sending us an email at forwomentowomen@gmail.com or tweet me at @MsCareyLee. Share with us your frank and objective views of the site and more of what you would love to see highlighted.


Happy International Women's Day and Happy Women's History Month!

Act on the power you have within you to inspire change!