Mindfulness, Creating Routines and Achieving our Goals

In this Twitter Chat session, we chatted up with Erin Frey, Expert on Behaviour Design on mindfulness, creating routines, sticking to them and how having structure can help you not only stay focus but achieve goals in your daily while maintaining your sanity.

For those who struggle with creating a routine and want to learn how having structure can help you not only to stay focus but achieve goals while maintaining your sanity - through this chat, we provide some useful tips and advice you should know that will help you to grow in your personal and professional life.

Useful Resources Shared to Helping Create Routines and Achieving Goals

Useful tools for to-do lists and setting goals: Evernote, Trello and  (tell them we sent you!)

Key Takeaways

Mindfulness for me is “being aware of my feelings, thoughts but not feeling pressure to react to them *right away*
— Erin Frey (@erinfrey)
Mindfulness for me is actually being present. Not just living but experiencing life.
— Tyshia Shante
I have “dates with myself” which include me and a book or writing pad at least once a week.
— Erin Frey
I think the most important thing is to find what gives you calm and make time for it daily/regularly.


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Assessment and self-searching works.

Being Mindful can help us to MASTER our lives

When you are mindful, you become more focused with your time/energy.
Mindfulness attracts so much joy that spreads like wildfire
— Ginger-Vee

Power of having routines

Morning routine has been helped me I get a lot done by waking up early reviewing goals, declarations & prayer
— Candice Marie (@Candice_Mari3)

Being a Master of Your Thoughts

Mantras work wonders for me. I repeat them in my head daily. You have to be mindful of the information you take in, what you read, what you watch and the people you spend time with.
— Monique K.

Tools to Master Your Thoughts


Dealing with Burnout

Make a daily habit of doing something that releases stress: exercise, yoga, music, dancing, seeing your friends, reading, etc.
Weekend retreats and getaways are helpful. Always take your vacation days.
Resist the urge to “power-through” the burnout and really assess what’s wrong
— Think and Grow Chick
Take care of yourself! Eat healthy and get enough rest. If your body isn;t operating at 100% it will be reflected in your work
— Monique K.

Routines that actually work

Work on one goal at a time. You can have many goals but prioritize one.
It’s ok to take baby steps no matter where you are on your journey.
— No Validation Needed

Meditating and Its Benefits

Meditation teaches you skills to be more aware of your emotions. You start noticing when they pop up! And be less reactive.
— Erin Frey
A mindful life is one purposefully lived. You’ll clarify your goals and what is most important to you.

Establishing Routines

Routines help build the discipline necessary to achieve your goals.
Routines build habits, which make it easier to keep doing your routine each day (you’ll face less resistance).