Beautiful Inside Out with Naja "Focus on your positive traits"


In another installment of Beautiful Inside Out, we chat with Naja Diamond.

Inspiration to start a Beauty, Fashion, and Style blog

After experiencing a devastating house fire last year I found myself rebuilding my wardrobe and redefining my personal. I started my blog to document my journey and help other ladies rebuild, redefine and transform their wardrobes as well. 

How would you like your blog to impact the lives of women? 

Through my blog, I wish to share my love for fashion, beauty, health and personal growth focusing mostly on personal style. I love being pretty and made up on the outside but I also feel the inner beauty and spreading positivity is where it starts. 

Take care of the inside and it will reflect on the outside and throughout other aspects of your life.

How would you describe your style? 

I am a lover of all things opulent, fabulous and gorgeous! Bottom line if it's bright, glitters, sparkles or shines - I'M OBSESSED! My style can be best described as a mix of Girlie Glam and Combat-Chic.

What is beauty to you?

Beauty to me is confidence, inner strength and being comfortable in your own skin. Do what makes you happy and brings a smile to your face. Don't follow trends, set them!

How much of an importance is looking and staying beautiful both inside and out is to you? 

Through my adulthood and maturity, I have learned that a woman with confidence and love in her heart is what makes her beautiful. Work on the inside and beauty on the outside will come naturally. If you feel beautiful you will look beautiful. 

What message do you hope to send to women who struggle with low self-esteem issues - especially those you think they are not beautiful? 

For women who struggle with low self-esteem, I would say to surround yourself with positive people who love you. Do the things that bring you joy and you are good at. I understand that everyone has their issues just don't let them control your life. Understand that someone will always be prettier, skinnier, smarter, and richer. But there will only be one you.

Focus on your positive traits and accentuate those things. You never know how your story or strengths will encourage or impact someone's life. Work on being the best YOU that YOU can because YOU ARE amazing!

Updated July 2015