How did you get on with Week 1 of the challenge? Did you commit to getting to the root of why you are doing the 90 Day Challenge and how you will transform your life at the end of the 90 days? 

I hope you clear on your why. Did you make a decision and a commitment to push through the limiting beliefs, mindsets and habits that will help you step outside your comfort zone?

Week 2: Self Audit and Get to Know You Better

This week is all about getting to know YOU a little better by digging deep. Being self-aware is key to identifying what is holding you back and will help you to set more intentional goals that will challenge you to grow. 

When you possess a high level of self-awareness you're able to step outside your comfort zone more easily because you understand your strengths, abilities and areas for improvement. 

Story Time

When I was stuck in my job and didn't take action even when the odds were against me, I realised I was "waiting on the perfect moment" to take action. I was fearful of failing, so much that I didn't take necessary steps to change my situation. 

It got to a point where I was complaining to friends and family about how miserable I was but wasn't moving. It got to a point where I got sick and tired of complaining, I decided to delve deeper into what was really going on because for one I didn't quite know what I passionate about, neither did I know my purpose. So I decided to go on a self-discovery journey, to find me, so I could operate at my highest potential. 

Part of my process included journalling, getting introspective and asking myself questions like, "What drains me?", "What fulfills me?" and "How can I do more of the things that fulfill me?"

While I didn't get all the answers in one sitting, I realised that stepping away to find yourself in a world of chaos, comparison and when everyone is telling you what you should do, is critical to your success.

Are you excited about waking up in the mornings? Are waiting on the 'perfect moment' to start?  If you answered yes, in the words of Steve Harvey, "you need to take the lid off your dreams."

This week, I am going to help you unlock who you are so you can tap into your power and it will require a lot of work! 


1.  Create an inventory of the things you are great at with the least amount of effort. 

2. What do people normally associate you with? Are you great at it? 

3. Ask at least 10 people to share 3 things they believe you are great at -this will involve some critical feedback especially if those around you are honest. 

4. Create a list with "I'm Great At" and identify a common thread based on the responses and the inventory of the things you are great at - see item 1. Based on the feedback you have received, ask yourself, do I enjoy doing these things, do they fulfill me or is it a draining task?

5. What 3 things do you want people to know you for? Are you doing it? If not, how can you start doing it? 

6. Where are you now and how can you do more of the things you are great at in order to get to where you need to be - whether it in your workplace, through voluntary work or in your business?

In the in the comment box below, share 3 things you want people to know you for.