Are you ready to kick off your 90-Day No Comfort Zone Challenge and up-level your life over the next 12 weeks?

This week is being honest with yourself, knowing your WHY and making a commitment to challenge yourself.

Week 1: Make a decision to challenge yourself

The first thing is always to decide and then COMMIT. Over the next few days, spend a few hours to identify what is holding you back from taking action and making things happen! 

Be honest with yourself, why are you here? What are you tired of in your life? How do you hope to grow in the next 90 days. 

Before you can make a firm decision and commitment you MUST know WHY you want something - in this case, why do you want to step outside your comfort zone? How has it held you back? 


1. Make use of your journal to document the mindset, habits and people that are holding you back, this will require digging deep. 

2. When you have completed documenting the things that are holding you back, make a firm decision that you will not be allowing your thoughts and habits to hold you back. When you make a decision and commitment, you must be specific and make it non-negotiable. For example, "I will not allow others around me distract me from applying for this scholarship, I will decide 1 hour to it daily."

3. Write down 5 affirmations that you will use to help you push through your fears and the things that are holding you back. For instance, "I am conquering my fears daily", "I believe in myself and my strengths", "I am equipped", "I have the right people around me who challenge me to be better" or "I am capable". 

What is your commitment for the next 90 days? Share in the comment box below.