25 Jan 2013

Beautiful Inside Out: Shannon and Debbie of Exotic You

Shannon and Debbie of Exotic You

Shannon Tyndall, 25, Law Student 
Debbie Ann Gordon, 27, Assistant Manager

Location: Kingston, Jamaica


Inspiration to start a Beauty, Fashion and Style Blog
Shannon: My co-blogger and I both have an obsession with beauty and fashion and we realized that there wasn’t a lot of Jamaican females with beauty blog, so we decided to start our own so that we could add our two cents
Debbie: The inspiration came from my passion for all things related to beauty and fashion, and the blog is an outlet that I could use to express myself and share with fellow Jamaican women, and it’s great to work alongside Shannon because we have similar tastes.

How would you like your blog to impact the lives of women?
Shannon: Our blog is mainly about sharing tips; whether its beauty or styling tips. We really want to help the girl out there that is looking for beauty and styling tips or advice. We want women to be comfortable and confident with who they are, so if we can play even a minor role in that aspect, then we have done what we aim to do.
Debbie: As it states on our blog, we would love to empower the everyday Jamaican woman to embrace her inner and outer beauty, to be confident within herself and knowledgeable of how to take care of herself as well.

What is beauty to you?
Shannon: As clique as it may sound beauty for me is all about the inside, because make-up and clothes really cannot mask an ugly heart.
Debbie: Being beautiful is having respect for yourself and those around you, being intelligent and humble and of course knowing how to look your best.

How much of an importance is looking and staying beautiful both inside and out is to you?
Shannon: Being beautiful both inside and out is extremely important to me as it gives me the courage to approach the world with confidence. The first thing about you that people see is your outside appearance, then you open your mouth to reveal what is on the inside. As such, having a balance of both is very important.  
Debbie: They go hand in hand. As a woman, once you feel confident and happy within yourself it is reflected in everything you do, how you look and the relationships that you garner.

How would you describe your personal style?
Shannon: I love wearing clothes that are sophisticated chic while combining them with trendy accessory pieces.
Debbie: I love being comfortable so denim jeans are a must for me, but when the occasion calls I like to go with a simple yet elegant look.

Style tip for ladies on a low budget but still want to look fashionable.
Shannon: I truly believe that it is possible to be fashionable on a budget these days. I would suggest going through your mom and aunts’ closet to see if they have any cool pieces. Thrift shopping is also a good way to be fashionable on a budget. You could also try cool DIY ideas that are on the Internet. Also, it’s important to remember that being fashionable is not just about the clothes, it’s about how you style those clothes. With that, just get creative with what you have.
Debbie: Be creative! Try revamping an article of clothing in your wardrobe or mixing in some of your older wardrobe pieces or jewelry to complement a look, you definitely don’t have to break the bank in order to look fabulous.

As beauty, style and fashion bloggers, do you feel pressured to conform to any beauty standards?
Shannon: I wouldn’t say it’s pressuring because I see it as my hobby. When you really enjoy something, it never really feels pressuring. I really enjoy dressing up so even if I wasn’t a blogger, I would still be obsessed with all things beauty and fashion related.
Debbie: I don’t feel pressured because I think  fashion and beauty should be fun and based on your personal preferences, not all trends will suit or appeal to me so I try to stay true to what I like.

The ladies of Exotic You hopes to inspire the everyday Jamaican woman and other women to embrace their inner and outer beauty, which is to be as exotic, gorgeous  classy and as bold as she wants to be without reluctance. 

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