6 Dec 2012

Smelly Feet? Women Have Them and It Can Cause You Your Relationship

As women, we are not expected to do, say much less wear certain things - and it is pretty much the same to say - women, should never have smelly feet. You know, the kind of feet that slips out of a shoe for a split second and smell like damp, moldy clothes. Or the type that your hubby, would never want close to his nose ever again? Yes, those. 

Men, turn their nose up at them, while women hold their breaths and wonder how could they. 

As women, if our man comes home with his feet smelling any where near 'cheesy', we'd quickly tell him to wash his feet. So, what about the women who have smelly feet? And how do their men, react?

Ladies, if you have smelly feet, the man who you met a few months back who you thought was Mr. Right, might not garner the strength to tell you why he broke up with you last week - and would quite possibly hope you will figure out why. And while, you might be wondering all the reasons why he broke it off with you - it just might be, your not so pleasant smelling feet.

The truth is - women have smelly feet too. Not only men. 

Smelly feet is a result from the accumulation of sweat in the feet - Due to poor aeration, because feet are enclosed in footwear, the sweat cannot evaporate, so it accumulates, hence the bad odour.

So how can you tell you have smelly feet? 

How to Tell You Have Smelly Feet 

  1. Smell your feet. Even if you don't smell anything, this doesn't necessarily mean your feet don't smell. You may be used to the smell of your own feet because you are always around it.
  2. Smell your socks and your shoes. After a normal day's activities, take your socks/shoes off and before placing them down, give them a whiff. If your socks/shoes smell bad, you most likely have smelly feet. 
  3. Determine if your feet itch. If your feet get itchy during the day, you may have a foot fungus, which can make feet smell terrible.
  4. Ask a friend, to tell you if your feet smells. It may be embarrassing to ask a friend, but if you can trust your friend to tell you the truth, it's the best way to really know if your feet stink or not.
Home Remedy for Smelly Feet 
  1. Wash your feet regularly with anti-bacterial soap.
  2. Dry your feet throughly, especially in-between your toes. 
  3. Powder your feet with deodorizing foot powder that contains aluminum chloride hexahydrate 
  4. For ladies who wear socks, your socks must be changed at least once a day. 
  5. Change the shoes you wear out, every other day. Do not wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. They should be allowed to dry out.
  6. Choose open shoes such as sandals whenever possible, because they allow the feet to get air - and also allows the sweat to evaporate. 
  7. Sprink the inside of your shoes with cornstarch to help absorb moisture and keep your feet drier. 
  8. If possible, inner soles of your shoes, must be removed from your shoes and washed properly. 
If the problem persists after taking all the above measures, medical therapies or even surgical interventions may be necessary.

Your smelly feet should not put your relationship because, it can be gotten ride of. If your guy, really loves you - that should never cost you your relationship. A good partner, real man and best friend, would talk to you about it, rather than insult you and throw hints. He would choose the right time to speak to you about it, in a sensitive and understanding manner, while also helping you to find ways to solve your problem at hand. 

And when, your partner tells you this, never take it the wrong way. Look at it that he is supportive, caring and wants to help you fix the problem. So never, take it in bad faith and hold a grudge or feel embarrassed - its for your own good. After all, wouldn't you rather him telling you, that talking behind your back or insulting you?

And by the way, a guy who leaves you because of your feet - is surely not one to miss, but one worth gone. 

Ladies, how would you feel if your hubby told you, you have smelly feet? Would you prefer him to be straight up or lie about?

Source: Discovery Fit & Health 

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